Oct 22, 2019


Chez Balzac

60 min

Topic: No only technologies and innovations are subjects of bank´s interest, as well as actual green policy, which brings green financing.

Questions: What is the direction of green thinking in banks? How is green policy applied in Slovakia and how do clients identify with it? Do clients prefer the electronic statements or not printing of confirmation? What are the other options which green banking offer? Is the Slovak market ready for green banking products (green loans, operational financing green deposits)? What do green funds and bonds present? How can banks align their “Green KPIs” in the context of the Slovak Bioeconomy Strategy whic is currently under preparation? What percentage of the “Green loans” could be allocated to the support of bio-based companies? Which types of incentives can they concretely offer? What are the minimum conditions for the bioeconomy actors (farmers, BBP producers, processing industry, brands, etc.) to be eligible for such funding? How can we create synergies with other green funds and loans available through ESIF?

  • Lucia Kopiarová (SK)

    Sustainable finance expert

    Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic

  • Miloš Blanárik (SK)

    Prvá stavebná sporitelňa

  • Ferdi Klaver (NL)

    Strategic Partnership Manager and Sustainability Advisor


  • Stanislav Thomka (SK)

    BIOBRIDGES project

    PEDAL Consulting

  • Klaudia Drábiková (SK)

    1st Deputy CEO


  • Daniel Acs (SK)

    Internationalisation Responsible

    Slovak Bioeconomy Cluster

  • Lívia Vašáková (SK)

    Head of Economic Analyses Section european comission


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