Aká je cesta stať sa plne digitálnou bankou – hrboľatá cesta alebo hladká plavba?

Sep 25, 2019




Moderated by Lydia Goudas

  • Digital first, but not digital only – is this the concept for the future?
  • How can be economy of scopes and scales achieved in ‘digital’ world?
  • How to build ever-improving/personalized experience for finance customers – does your bank know you really well?
  • How is it possible to build a consumer trust in the era of open banking?
  • What role crypto currencies/blockchain technologies play in nowadays digitization initiatives in banking? What will be the future applications?
  • Do clients ‘think green’, when deciding on financial products? Can ‘green strategy’ become a part of new customer experience in digital world? If yes, how?
  • Will ‘green’ policies & strategies influence your ‘daily job’, business models and product development?
  • Martin Peter (SK)


    Banking department of Ministry of finance of Slovak republic

  • Sarunas Legeckas (LT)

    Lead of CEE


  • Tomáš Reytt (CZ)

    Director of Sales & Distributional Channels

    mBank CZ/SK

  • Jan Lamber Voortman (NL)

    Managing Director

    Davinci software

  • Barbora Ruščin (SK)

    Head of UX/UI

    Tatra Banka

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