Peter Alexanderson (SWE)

CEO & Founder, Covr Security AB

Peter is an experienced entrepreneur in the IT industry and thereforehas the necessary skills to spearhead the company in this earlystage of sales and development. He has been part of several start-up companies in the last 24 years and has the vision and experienceto see the niche in the market where there is a demand and createa solution. BankProof´s journey began already in 2002, when Peterstarted elaborating on the idea to remove passwords for good. Peterwanted to take security to another level and having been part ofthe early development team of what today is the BankID mobilesolution, he was able to create the safest and most advanced cybersecurity platform available in the world. During this journey he hadan IT Company with a focus on security and vulnerability testing forhomepages. Prior to that, he ran a graphics company with a pre-press machine that was distributed world-wide.