Jan Lamber Voortman (NL)

Managing Director, Davinci software

During 20 years of successful experience in the financial industry providing project consultancy to clients, managing new business opportunities and implementing strategic goals, Jan-Lamber has developed a strong track record of performance at high-paced organizations. From 2005, Jan-Lamber began to focus mainly on the consumer banking sector and realized several projects of a pioneering nature that drove organizational improvements at international banks such as Rabobank, SNS bank and ING bank. In response to the growing customer portfolio of Davinci, Jan-Lamber co-founded a software development venture in Bratislava in the summer of 2007. Under his guidance, Davinci software brought many innovative ideas to the financial sector in the Netherlands, strengthened its role within the successful Davinci group and started developing business opportunities in Slovakia.


In Davinci, we develop software for the FinTech sector with a focus on mortgage and consumer loan providers to make the lending easy. We were founded in 1991 in the Netherlands and currently, we have 4 offices in Amsterdam, Bratislava, Žilina and Antwerpen. With more than 200 colleagues we are helping banks with different software solutions that make both the application and credit management process as easy and smooth as possible. And with easy, we mean fast and safe for all parties involved. We are working closely together with our partner Amazon Web Services (AWS). For now, we are managing over € 45 billion in mortgages and consumer loans in the Cloud at AWS for customers like NN, BNP and many more.