Press release: Fin.Techsummit in September presents the technological transformation of banks, “green” investment and blockchain

Fin.Techsummit in September presents the technological transformation of banks, “green” investment and blockchain

New date – September 25 – Bratislava will host the third-year edition of Fin.Techsummit conference focused on technical innovations in financial sector.

This prestigious event is continually developing and this year’s edition presents the topic of InsurTech – technologies for insurance businesses – creating the content of second program stream.

Speeding up of digital transformation and increasing role of technologies within financial services is the mutual line for both streams of Fin.Techsummit 2019 conference, first of them focused on banks and banking sector.

Banks should follow the “tech“innovations stream

„Technological innovations are the key trend in banking while it is still essential to identify the optimal balance between digitalization and personal approach that is still appreciated by many clients “mentions Tatra banka, a. s. This crucial Slovak financial institution is exclusive partner of this year’s Fin.Techsummit.

 „Environment in banking evolves. New competitors use disruptive technologies and are not burdened by old systems,” also confirms the company of DXC Technology, main partner of conference.

„For the banks that are already set up and would like to compete and win, they would need the transformation based on innovations, “mentions this top IT company, represented at Fin.Techsummit by Peter Handzuš. In his presentation, he would like to clarify how to use the potential of eID card in commercial environment.

„Innovations in the field of technologies and software become more and more critical factor within existence of banks. Banks offering quicker the technological ecosystem with specific added value, are the future market leaders, “said in the current interview Jan Lamber Voortman, CEO of Dutch – Slovak IT company DaVinci.

Together with the other representatives of financial and IT businesses he will participate at the round table discussion on „How to become fully digitalized bank – rough waves or smooth sailing? “His partners will be Michal Satur from Tatra banka, Tomáš Reytt from mBank and Martin Peter from Ministry of Finance of Slovak Republic.

Perspectives of green investment

Nowadays, in the world of business and finances – banks are no exception – ethical aspect is present more, usually explained as a so-called green strategy. In Slovakia these tendencies are supported by both interested resorts – finance and environment.

 „Certain countries already got finance for green targets through green bonds. Banks are able to create the unique green products and insurance companies, pension companies or stock exchanges can redirect the money they take care of to the more suitable environmental investments that could come hand in hand with the positive impact on their financial results,“ states the latest comment of Institute of environmental policy of the Ministry of the environment of the Slovak Republic.

The effort for green investment brings results in whole Europe. Worth to mention especially the activities of Great Britain, where in July 2019 the government introduced the complex “Green financial strategy”. This topic will be for sure covered by the speech of ambassador Andrew Garth at the Fin.Techsummit conference – representative of another partner of Fin.Techsummit – Embassy of Great Britain.

Are the clients able to think ecological when choosing the financial products and can the “green strategy” become the element of new customer experience in the digital world? How the green policies and strategies will impact everyday jobs, business models and development of new products in the financial sector? These hot topics will be covered by experts in panel conversations at the conference taking place in Hotel Carlton in Bratislava.

Investech – money makes money

Technologies have changed the world of investments and through apps bring it also to the common people. In a separate panel at Fin.Techsummit, well-known professionals will also cover this topic.

Do the people prefer when investing their money, talking to the “real” consultant or trust more to the app? How is it possible to meet the compliance requirements – in the meantime share all the necessary information and be transparent as well? Do the banks perceive new market member as a competition ony or can cooperate in a productive way? These are the questions and topics for the participants of “investech” panel.

One of them is Max Lyadvinski, CEO of Swiss company Bloomio, focusing on new crowdfunding investments. The company recently published new study on this topic and M. Lyadvinski said: „We witness that the field of crowdfunding develops enormously. Based on this study we expect the reality to develop even more compared to the status described in the last year’s report.“

Next participant, founder of successful mobile (micro) investment platform Limitless, Sara Koslinska, recommends for banks to focus more on the generation of millennials. “They can offer and cross-sell attractive and suitable financial products based on the information that they get from them with their approval,” she describes.

Cryptocurrencies and broader reach of blockchain

How to reach the economics of growth and opportunities in the digital world and what is the role of cryptocurrency technologies/blockchain in it? To which extent they should be involved in the current digitalization initiatives in the financial business? These are the riddles to solve for the participants of the first round table on technologies for banks, but also mentioned in the stream dedicated to the insurance market (detailed information will be published in the next press release).

A separate presentation will be held to the usage of blockchain technology within insurance business, but also other spheres of finances that require better awareness of client and his history. Exciting details will be shared on this topic by Austrian blockchain influencer Robert Schwertner, well known also under nickname CryptoRobby.

 „In my opinion blockchain technology stays forever from now on. Soon we will live in a world where this technology plays crucial role – also in contexts that are not related to the bitcoin,“ he shared currently within the discussion at the Viennese University.

Partners, contexts and hackathon

Also this year’s edition of Fin.Techsummit would not be a reality without the support of partners and cooperating institutions. Exclusive partner of event is Tatra banka, a. s., main partners are DXC Technology and Ministry of the Finance of the Slovak Republic. Partner is Embassy of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the Slovak Republic.


„By connecting the creativity, theoretical knowledge and real product development we also present this year established Hackathon, taking place parallel with the mainstream of conference and its program,“ informs Davy Čajko, CEO of Future Proof Company, that organizes the Fin.Techsummit conference. Hackathon has been supported by Tatra banka with the prize for winner in amount of 5 000 Eur.



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