FinTech and our Behaviour on the Financial Market

Nov 14, 2018



60 min

Behaviour and habits on the financial market are intensely analysed and discussed within the behavioural economy research. Even this field will be fundamentally changed under the influence of new actors on the market, the so-called fintechs. This might be observed in two areas particularly – analysis of customers‘ behaviour and input data, and creation of solutions that reflect goals, requirements and character of clients (especially when it comes to investments and savings) while being addressing, simple and targeted. How can new technologies help understand intensions of clients, assist in their profiling and, eventually provide the most effective solutions which are truly personalised? What is the added value of AI and digital environment in motivating customers to manage their personal finances in a smart way?

  • Igor Volzhanin (UK)



  • Thomas Oberlechner (AT)

    CEO & Chief Science Officer


  • Matej Šucha (SK)



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