Fin.Techsummit 2018: Interaction of world of finance, IT and startups back again in Bratislava

Bratislava, October 16, 2018 – The second year of the Fin.Techsummit Conference, focusing on technological innovation in the financial sector, will take place in the capital of Slovakia in less than a month. The event represents a valuable opportunity for the participants to be engaged in very open and lively debates on the future of finance, which is today significantly affected by new technologies and digitization. We talk about fintech segment that closely blends these areas, and a significant role is played as well by the highly innovative, fast-growing technology startups.

Fin.Techsummit already achieved the top international level and prestige with its first year and by affiliate events, it is confirmed by the participation of leading foreign experts. One of them is Maxim Lyadvinsky, an “angel investor” and the founder of the Bloomio crowdfunding platform based in Switzerland. He would like to convince the audience that investing in startups, tracking their growth, and receiving high profits may not only be for millionaires, but also for those who are willing to risk less than $ 100.

We redesign the venture capital area by allowing practically everyone to buy and trade startup shares, having access to professional ratings and independent due diligence. This is a social change, said Max Lyadvinsky in an interview for Crowdfund Insider. His new risk (venture) investment model also uses blockchain technology.

At the Fin.Techsummit 2018 conference, we also expect Thomas Oberlechner, a world-renowned investigative psychologist working at several American and European universities, including Harvard and MIT, he has also set up the FinPsy consultancy and is also the author of the award-winning The Psychology of the Foreign Exchange Market.

“Good fintech include behavioral science that recognizes who are the users, for example, to motivate them to make a transaction that makes sense to them. Managing and people’s experience is not just about technology and finance, it’s about psychology,” explained Thomas Oberlechner for page “Behavioral fintech have a great future for me – a technology that brings people a fair deal. It takes into account what human you are, supports the decisions you want to make yourself, and give you a meaningful and enjoyable use of the product,” he added.

In this year, the UK’s Embassy is also a partner of the conference, thanks to which one of the speakers is also Rory O’Kane, an independent expert working for the UK Department of International Trade. As a member of the FinTech Commerce and Investment Team, he is involved in searching and building export opportunities for British companies in this segment, especially in European markets. In Bratislava we expect him to share his long-standing experience in the field of fintech sector, especially in London, which is one of the largest and historically first centers of its development.

Let us remind that the second Fin.Techsummit conference will be held on November 14 at the Park Inn by Radisson Danube Hotel in Bratislava. It runs in two streams, which will be Automation of the Financial Market and Future Regulators vs. innovation. Part of the event will be hackathon with an exciting prize and B2B matching. The organizers expect to have a similar number of visitors as in the first year, which was attended by nearly 300 visitors from 10 countries.

Participants particularly appreciate the open style of expert discussions and networking bringing together specialists from different areas of the spectrum of activities both in the finance and information technology sectors.

“As with all our events, Fin.Techsummit also holds that the main goal is to enable all involved parties to communicate directly and to connect the conservative world of traditional financial institutions and fintech start-ups. We believe that banks and other similar corporations will increasingly outsource many services from new dynamic businesses and therefore we need to connect them as soon as possible,” said Davy Čajko, Future Proof CEO, that is responsible for Fin.Techsummit organization.

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