Lu Zurawski (UK)

Lu Zurawski (UK)

Consumer Payments Practice Lead, EMEA at ACI Worldwide

Lu lives in London with his wife and two teenagers – a perpetual social media, payments and big data challenge.

He helps ACI to develop strategic payments business propositions, particularly in the emerging fields of Open API, new access models and real time payments. Lu previously worked at the IT consultancy Logica (now CGI), most recently as the global account lead for an international fuel retailer, and has over 20 years’ experience in payments.

With a strong innovation record – including work on one of the world’s first mobile payment schemes – Lu’s interests cover latest trends in consumer payments, and their impact on practical operations and business.

Lu has a specific interest in Behavioral Economics, creating thought-provoking – and often unorthodox viewpoints for conferences and journals.

In his spare time, Lu consumes and burns calories – he is a keen cyclist (with a 4 day, 1200km Paris-Brest on his record) and a keen forager/cook.

PSD2 a Regtech

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