Culture & art

Capture beguiling melodies, graceful dancing and breathtaking acting performances. Walk in the footsteps of history or revel in the excellence of today. Art and culture are a deeply rooted tradition in Bratislava.

The picturesque streets of the old town literally overflow with monuments of past glorious times, with the most valuable works carefully stored in the collections of some 50 museums and major art work gathered inalmost 20 galleries.



References to “Pressburg cuisine” generally indicate the spicy Hungarian stews, goulashes, roasted pork, poultry, and fish. Austrian eateries feature deep fried meats – schnitzel – and amazing deserts.

Germans influenced our roast – fancy wild boar and deer, sausages, goose or duck? Slovak traditional food consists of mainly different types of roast and grilled meat, grilled fish, fried cheese including the iconic sheep cheese and fresh vegetables.



After the sun goes down, Bratislava truly comes alive. The clubbing scene is lively. Pick your poison and your choice of venue and off you go!

Find an intimate spot where you can sip a dry martini whilst having a great conversation for hours, or choose a more vivid bar, where you can dance wildly into the early hours.