Thomas Oberlechner (AT)

CEO & Chief Science Officer, BehaviorQuant

Dr. Thomas Oberlechner is an internationally recognized expert on decision-making and behavioral finance. His Vienna-based behavioral finance technology company BehaviorQuant delivers systems that objectively quantify behavioral characteristics and biases to support investment decisions and financial advice. His work has provided him first-hand access to financial decision-makers ranging from Wall Street executives at the world’s leading banks to professional traders, fund managers, institutional and private investors, and financial consumers. For many years, he has developed behaviorally informed fintech in Silicon Valley and consulted financial companies with behavioral expertise in his San-Francisco-based consultancy FinPsy. Dr. Oberlechner’s credentials include a PhD in Psychology, Master degrees in Psychology, Law, and Consulting Psychology, and a Habilitation in Psychology. He has researched and taught at Harvard, MIT, Webster, University of Cologne, University of Vienna, and other universities. His research has been published in academic and professional journals and in his books The Psychology of the Foreign Exchange Market (Wiley) and The Psychology of Ethics in the Finance and Investment Industry (CFA Institute).