Fintech vs. Traditional Actors – how to Create a Healthy Environment

Nov 14, 2018



60 min

Nowadays we are witnessing huge technological changes that will transform the whole financial ecosystem unprecedentedly. New actor enter the market while bringing innovations along, which eventually requires creation of new rules and legislative framework to ensure stability and functionality of the system. We are therefore facing several challenges – how should traditional institutions react to the new ecosystem? What does it mean to regulate such environment, how can fintechs be integrated in the most feasible way in order to create a complementary and healthy, competitive system? What measures should the regulators adopt so that risks are eliminated and opportunities are maximised?

  • Max Lyadvinsky (CH)



  • Rory O’Kane (UK)

    FinTech Trade & Investment Associate

    Department for International Trade

  • Juraj Hrbatý (SK)

    CEO & Founder


  • Juraj Karpiš (SK)

    Co-Founder & Analyst


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