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In fintech, Europe falls behind overseas, Fin.Techsummit in Bratislava would like to change it

The participants agree when reviewing: The recent Fin.Techsummit 2018 – Conference on Technological Innovations in the Financial Sector – was a professionally enriching event and great networking experience. It is not surprising if we take into account the quality of speakers and the mix of presented topics, reflecting the latest developments in the different dimensions of the fintech industry. Speakers and participants from abroad also appreciated the high-quality level of the event – we reached a record number of 15 countries.

The conference organizers also believe that highly professional events of this type contribute to creating a more positive and innovative “fintech” environment not only in Slovakia but also in Central Europe. Some participants have also indicated that Europe still has a lot to do to catch up with this trend.  For example, Member of European Parliament, Ivan Štefanec made a clear statement in his speech, stating that “the European Union is not a global leader in providing fintech services.” He also referred to a recent survey comparing our continent with the USA, China, India, and Japan. In his opinion,  European fintech companies are on average smaller and exist shorter than their overseas competitors; their growth is still hitting the barrier of the persistent inconsistency of rules across the EU.

The second year of the Fin.Techsummit conference, held in Bratislava on November 14, 2018, was divided into two streams, in particular, “Financial Market Automation” and “Future Regulators vs. innovations.” In parallel, hackathon – a development contest involving nine teams – and B2B matching also took place. Traditionally, organizers emphasized creating a networking environment for nearly 300 professionals from the world of finance, information technology, and startups. They could also get the opinions of people representing the public sphere, including the Head of the Department of Banking of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, Martin Petro, who talked in particular about the new Center for Financial Innovation and the British Ambassador Andrew Garth, whose embassy was also an event partner.

The perfectionist effort of the organizing team led to the realization of a genuinely beneficial event for experts, as many of them subsequently stated. One of them was the internationally recognized financial market psychologist Thomas Oberlechner, the pioneer of the term “behavioral fintech.” His presentation in the panel discussion attracted the attention of the participants, and he expressed his satisfaction with the level of the audience and the topics of the conference. This recognition is underlined by the fact that he is an experienced presenter and has worked at top universities in Europe and the USA, including Harvard and MIT.

Very pleased with the conference in Bratislava, were also two Londoners – Samir Parekh and Ambuj Agrawal from Zappy AI, focusing on robotics and analytics for the financial sector. Their two contributions on this topic have also been effective, thanks to the excellent event organization and the great choice of its participants, as they mentioned later.

Another career globetrotter at the Fin.Techsummit 2018 conference was Lydia Goutas, a molecular biology scientist from New York, that managed her career through the various managerial positions to leading international headhunting agency in Vienna. “Big thanks for being part of Fin.Techsummit – I felt it was even better than the previous year and that the interest of people was fantastic,” she replied upon her return home.

Finally, it is also crucial for us to hear the evaluations of Fin.Techsummit’s partners and supporters, without them we would not be able to organize it – at least not in the given quality and range. Exclusive partner was Tatra Banka, which initiated and sponsored this year’s hackathon topic; this was related to the development of the front-end parts of the client’s chatbot. Interest in hackathon exceeded expectations, as Katarína Bežová, representative of Tatra Banka, confirmed; 15 teams have joined, of which the jury has selected nine finalists who have developed and presented their solutions. The winner of this competition with international participation was, in the end, the Slovak team Magic.

To the supporters of the conference also belongs the company, which already reached the international success and also provided the organizers with their evaluation. Participants from this company have ranked among the biggest positives of event networking, useful, often emerging topics, international and multi-sectoral character, and an option to choose within the program features.

And what are the evaluations and reviews of the organizers themselves? “This year, we have shifted the Fin.Techsummit quality is even higher. I think we managed to design topics and speakers so that they provided the participants with the perfect experience, and they appreciated it a lot,” stated Davy Čajko,  CEO of Future Proof, company which organizes Fin.Techsummit as well as other conferences. “As a top point, we perceive the feedback on the quality of the proposals of the second year of our Hackaton, which surprised everyone interested in this feature – the realizator, the facilitator, but also the participants themselves. It shows how high is the quality of our generation of people involved in developments in this area. We are very pleased that we have top developers in Slovakia and we have created an opportunity for interesting cooperation,” he added.

What to expect from the next year? The organizers, considering the feedback from participants, decided that Fin.Techsummit 2019 will dispose of bigger format, its program will be even more productive and will take place on a new date – in September. As the evaluation of complete Techsummit Events series, Davy Čajko said: “By this fifth conference of this year we completed a very successful year of innovative authors’ conferences. We are expecting a lot of work to be needed to create the attractive “fintech” environment in the region. We are already working on a deeper analysis of the CEE ecosystem that we de facto mapped through our events. As a fast-growing company with a clear vision to be a leader in the CEE region, we are preparing new formats and new topics for the upcoming year. We keep in touch with our supporters,“ he promised. The organizers also want to emphasize more the support of fintech industry by the competent authorities, already in the next year. The invited representatives should, therefore, get even more space within the future Fin.Techsummit.

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Hackathon at Fin.Techsummit: Who makes Tatra banka’s chatbot to talk?

Bratislava, October 29, 2018

Yes, this is the task waiting for anybody who is interested in participating in the traditional hackathon this year. Slovak IT developers have the unique opportunity to create a user-friendly Web-based application interface at the Fin.Techsummit Conference in Bratislava on November 14. This app will serve the bank’s employees to teach and improve the chatbot. The reward for the winner will be a financial contribution of € 5,000 and the possibility to continue in cooperation with Tatra Bank to further develop your project.

Technological innovations in the financial and banking sector – and especially in the area of client communication – are rapidly advancing. A chatbot is a modern and more often used tool in B2C communication, that is, business and customer. The organizers of Fin.Techsummit, a conference that connects the world of IT, financial sector and marketing, thanks to Tatra Banka, aimed to promote this topic through hackathon as well. The goal is to motivate developers to pay more attention to this perspective area. Experience shows that many interesting innovations arise in the technology startup environment.

“We think that banks and other similar corporations will increasingly outsource many services from recently starting new dynamic companies and therefore we feel the need to connect them as soon as possible,” said Davy Čajko, CEO of Future Proof company that organizes Fin.Techsummit.

“Tatra Banka as an innovative leader follows current trends. We consider artificial intelligence and chatbots to be the most progressive, which we believe will impact the banking of the future. That is why we have decided to focus on this topic with an exclusive hackathon, in which we call for the cooperation of technology enthusiasts with innovative thinking,” explains Natália Major, a member of Board of Directors of Tatra Banka.

Part of the design is to be an excellent business logic and good quality graphics with gamification elements. The stylized graphical template from the winning design is then very likely to be used to implement as a real solution. Thus, the evaluators will be interested in front-end solutions for the projects to be tailored to the needs and preferences of the bank’s employees. The “friendly” interface has to motivate Tatra Banka’s employees to use it and help to improve the chatbot itself.

Tatra Banka and the Fin.Techsummit organization team are already looking forward to great designs from talented Slovak IT developers!

About Fin.Techsummit Conference

The second edition of this conference, focusing on technological innovation in the financial sector, will take place in Bratislava in less than four weeks –  November 14, 2018. The event presents a unique opportunity for the participants to be engaged in open and lively debates on the future of finance, which today significantly affect the new technology and digitization. The areas are closely linked to the fintech segment, where highly innovative, fast-growing technological startups play a significant role. At Fin.Techsummit, professionals from all these segments meet and interact.

The venue for the conference will be the Park Inn by Radisson Danube Hotel. Two streams are planned – Automation of the Financial Market and Future Regulators vs. innovation. Part of the event will be except hackathon also B2B matching. Organizers expect the attendance of a similar number of visitors as in the first year, which was attended by almost 300 visitors from 10 countries.


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Fin.Techsummit 2018: Interaction of world of finance, IT and startups back again in Bratislava

Bratislava, October 16, 2018 – The second year of the Fin.Techsummit Conference, focusing on technological innovation in the financial sector, will take place in the capital of Slovakia in less than a month. The event represents a valuable opportunity for the participants to be engaged in very open and lively debates on the future of finance, which is today significantly affected by new technologies and digitization. We talk about fintech segment that closely blends these areas, and a significant role is played as well by the highly innovative, fast-growing technology startups.

Fin.Techsummit already achieved the top international level and prestige with its first year and by affiliate events, it is confirmed by the participation of leading foreign experts. One of them is Maxim Lyadvinsky, an “angel investor” and the founder of the Bloomio crowdfunding platform based in Switzerland. He would like to convince the audience that investing in startups, tracking their growth, and receiving high profits may not only be for millionaires, but also for those who are willing to risk less than $ 100.

We redesign the venture capital area by allowing practically everyone to buy and trade startup shares, having access to professional ratings and independent due diligence. This is a social change, said Max Lyadvinsky in an interview for Crowdfund Insider. His new risk (venture) investment model also uses blockchain technology.

At the Fin.Techsummit 2018 conference, we also expect Thomas Oberlechner, a world-renowned investigative psychologist working at several American and European universities, including Harvard and MIT, he has also set up the FinPsy consultancy and is also the author of the award-winning The Psychology of the Foreign Exchange Market.

“Good fintech include behavioral science that recognizes who are the users, for example, to motivate them to make a transaction that makes sense to them. Managing and people’s experience is not just about technology and finance, it’s about psychology,” explained Thomas Oberlechner for page “Behavioral fintech have a great future for me – a technology that brings people a fair deal. It takes into account what human you are, supports the decisions you want to make yourself, and give you a meaningful and enjoyable use of the product,” he added.

In this year, the UK’s Embassy is also a partner of the conference, thanks to which one of the speakers is also Rory O’Kane, an independent expert working for the UK Department of International Trade. As a member of the FinTech Commerce and Investment Team, he is involved in searching and building export opportunities for British companies in this segment, especially in European markets. In Bratislava we expect him to share his long-standing experience in the field of fintech sector, especially in London, which is one of the largest and historically first centers of its development.

Let us remind that the second Fin.Techsummit conference will be held on November 14 at the Park Inn by Radisson Danube Hotel in Bratislava. It runs in two streams, which will be Automation of the Financial Market and Future Regulators vs. innovation. Part of the event will be hackathon with an exciting prize and B2B matching. The organizers expect to have a similar number of visitors as in the first year, which was attended by nearly 300 visitors from 10 countries.

Participants particularly appreciate the open style of expert discussions and networking bringing together specialists from different areas of the spectrum of activities both in the finance and information technology sectors.

“As with all our events, Fin.Techsummit also holds that the main goal is to enable all involved parties to communicate directly and to connect the conservative world of traditional financial institutions and fintech start-ups. We believe that banks and other similar corporations will increasingly outsource many services from new dynamic businesses and therefore we need to connect them as soon as possible,” said Davy Čajko, Future Proof CEO, that is responsible for Fin.Techsummit organization.

Press release: Robotics and artificial intelligence. Should we expect a revolution within the financial sphere?

Bratislava, August 7, 2018 – Mobile phone payment, payment by chip or bitcoin. The world of finance is changing dramatically, everything is speeding up and simplifying. What are the latest trends and where do they lead to? Answers will be provided within the second year of the Fin.Techsummit conference, which takes place on November 14 at the Park Inn by Radisson Danube Bratislava Hotel.


Fintech is one of the fastest developing environments. Start-ups, Internet giants and traditional monetary institutions are competing who comes up with innovations to make users feel more comfortable. We are pleased to organize a conference on the subject again so that we can live the same in our country, Slovak Republic, as the rest of the world does,” said Davy Čajko, CEO of Future Proof, which organizes Fin.Techsummit.


This year’s Fin.Techsummit follows the successful first year, which was attended by almost 300 people from 10 countries. The conference will be divided into two streams, Financial Market Automation and Future Regulator vs. Innovations. The event also includes start-up pitch and B2B matching.


In the Financial Market Automation, we will cover how the financial sector uses artificial intelligence, whether the client or institution benefits out of it, how our behavior changes and whether we can reach the point where cash disappears at all.


Regulator vs. Innovations will deal with how to create a healthy financial eco-system, how to deal with a large number of new players on the market, what rules we need and how Sandbox – a new test environment for fintech companies – works.


 „As with all our events, with Fin.Techsummit we tend to the most important goal – to enable all involved parties to communicate directly and to connect the conservative world of traditional financial institutions and fintech start-ups. We think that banks and other similar corporations will increasingly outsource many services just from new dynamic companies and therefore would be great to connect them as soon as possible,” mentioned Davy Čajko.



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